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How It Works
Meraki Go is a network solution that lets you do all the things you thought only an IT pro could do.

How It Works

Meraki Go is super simple. With secured access points, switches, and routers, you (not some tech pro)
can set up your Meraki Go network in 10 minutes or less.


Meraki Go works with the internet service you already have.

Scan your hardware

Using the Meraki Go app, scan the QR code on each piece of hardware to add it to your network.

Plug in your devices

Connect your hardware to a power supply and a network device via an ethernet cable.

Setup your network

Using the Meraki Go app, setup up to four individual networks across your business.


Congrats! Your secured WiFi network is ready to help you and your business thrive.

Full control at your fingertips

View internet consumption, adjust the usage, create guest logins, block websites – all from the Meraki Go mobile app.

Meraki Go Devices

Router Firewalls

Router Firewalls plug into your existing modem to access the internet service you already pay for.

The router gives you firewall protection and automatic security for your whole setup without the need for a licensing fee.

Network Switch

The network switch connects to your gateway (you’ll probably put them together in the same spot as your modem).

The switch is what gives you control over your bandwidth and ensures your critical devices always have priority. Connect all your wired devices to the network switch, including your wifi access point.

Access Points

The wifi access point will allow all your digital devices to connect to the network.

Add an outdoor access point to make sure you have outdoor coverage, and more indoor access points so they can talk to each other and give you wider coverage.

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